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Is Distance Learning Right For You?: What to Expect from an Online Class

What to Expect from an Online Class

Taking online classes at Germanna Community College will be different from attending an in-person class. Canvas will be the hub where you will receive and submit assignments, complete quizzes and exams, and interact with your professor and fellow students using discussion boards.

Continue here to access a sample course in Canvas for an example of how your course may be structured.

Communicating With Your Professor

Nearly all of your interaction with your professor will be over email or Canvas Discussions. The majority of your lecture material will be through videos or reading material. Be sure to check Canvas and your student email often to ensure that you stay up-to-date on your class.

What Counts as Attendance in an Online Class?

Attendance in an online class can take many forms, from participating in a Discussion to viewing and attending a live online lecture. Your professor will outline what is considered attendance in the syllabus for your online class.

For more information about attendance in your classes, you can see the Catalog & Student Handbook under the Attendance Standard section.

What is Proctored Testing?

Your professor may require you to complete a proctored exam through our Testing Center. For more information about proctored exams, visit our Testing Center page.