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Is Distance Learning Right For You?: Distance Learning and You

Distance Learning and You

In order to be successful in your time participating in Distance Learning, you may need to take on new habits that you wouldn’t otherwise need for an in-person class. You will need to keep up-to-date with your coursework and communicate with your professor as well as the rest of your class, all while possibly never seeing any of them in person. Below is a list of helpful behaviors that will aid you during an Online Class.

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Checking Your Email

Keeping in contact with your professor and your peers is an important part of any class, and especially so in an online class. It will be important that you both check your student email account and the announcements within your Blackboard course daily to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information from your professor.

Online Communication & Netiquette

Participants should possess a firm command of written communication skills, including the mechanics of writing and grammar, the ability to organize thoughts, and the ability to demonstrate those skills in all written work. Observation of "Netiquette": All your online communications need to be composed with fairness, honesty, and tact. Spelling and grammar are very important in an online course. What you put into an online course reflects your level of professionalism.

You will want to participate in the Discussion Boards within your Blackboard course in order to communicate with your fellow students in the class.

Practice Self-Teaching and Stay on Top of the Material

When taking an online class, you may not have the benefit of lectures helping you understand the material and to announce when assignments are due. You will need to employ self-teaching skills in order to ensure that you understand the course materials as well as organizational skills to ensure that you are completing all of your assignments on time.

To help you know where you should be in your course materials as well as keep track of when all of your assignments are due, it is recommended that you always keep an up-to-date copy of your course syllabus on hand.

Know your resources

Even as a Distance Learning student away from our campus, you still have access to a number of resources to help you along the way. All of these resources are provided to you as tools to help you succeed as a student.

  • Library Services: Our Library Services are here to assist you with all of your research needs while attending Germanna Community College.
  • Tutoring Center: Our Tutoring Center is here to provide you with a variety of free learning support and academic enrichment opportunities.
  • Testing Center: Our Testing Center is here to assist you with a number of the tests you will be taking while attending Germanna Community College
  • Disability Services: Our Disability Services are here to provide and ensure equal access to all aspects of the college experience for students with disabilities through the most appropriate accommodations.
  • Student Technical Help Desk: Our Student Technical Help Desk is here to help answer students' questions about our online services and technology.