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ENF Research Starter: Argument Papers

Writing a Thesis Statement

University of Victoria Libraries. "Defining a Thesis Statement." University of Victoria Libraries, August 22, 2012. Video. Retreuved August 29, 2014.

Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Getting Started

Here are some tips to consider when writing an argumentative essay. 

  1. Choose an issue that interests you to write about.
  2. Gather information about all sides of the issue.
  3. Assemble and summarize the strongest arguments for each side of the issue. Be sure to assemble and summarize rebuttals to arguments as well.
  4. Choose which side of the issue you would like to argue for in your paper.
  5. Create an outline of your paper. 
  6. Write a rough draft. Remember to cite your sources using the citation style indicated on the assignment sheet. Don't forget to include a Works Cited or Reference List at the end of the paper.
  7. Proofread and revise your rough draft. It's often helpful to have someone else read your draft to provide constructive critism.