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Germanna Community College Annual Student Research and Writing Symposium Repository: Photo Gallery

anual student research and writing symposium

To the right are photo galleries from past Student Research and Writing Symposiums.

dimitrik johnson 1st place
desmond davis 2nd place
desmond davis 2nd place
erika tellez 3rd place
paul ingraham honorable mention
arsenio menendez honorable mention
arsenio menendez honorable mention
17-18 symposium
17-18 symposium
panelists: william todd callan, jessica matheson, jessica perez, pam runnels, judith shane
2016-17 symposium participants
kendall beauford 2nd place
group photo
sam martin 1st place
kate shillingford 2nd place
chris flurry 3rd place
bailey george honorable mention
andrea nicholson honorable mention
sarah foster 1st place
winners and judges 2015 symposium

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