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SDV Library Orientation

This is the library orientation tutorial for SDV 100/101.

Library Introduction

Library Hours & Locations

Library Help Desk: Ask Us!

At each campus library, the Library Help Desk is where you'll find library staff who provide basic computer and research assistance.  Library staff at the Library Help Desk can also refer you to a librarian for in-depth research help.

Visit the Library Help Desk when you have questions about:

  •     Getting a library card
  •     Borrowing library materials
  •     Printing, copying, or scanning
  •     Using your flash drive
  •     Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
  •     Blackboard
  •     Finding articles on your topic in library databases
  •     Finding scholarly books on your topic using "QuickSearch"
  •     Determining whether or not a source is "credible"
  •     Citing information according to MLA or APA style
  •     Reserving a group study room
  •     Requesting items from other libraries

Open Seating: Be Our Guest!

  • To use a library computer, just have a seat at an open computer.
  • There is no sign-in process to use a library computer.
  • In addition to the open computers throughout the library, there are group study rooms available for you to reserve.

Printing from Library Computers

  • All Germanna students who are enrolled in classes receive $2.00 of print credit each semester (approximately 25 black and white pages).
  • Print jobs can be retreived from the ePRINTit Print Stations on campus.  There is a print station on each floor of the FAC Library, as well as near the entrance to the LGC Library.
  • In order to print from library computers, first create a (free) ePRINTit account.  There is a shortcut to the ePRINTit website on each library computer, or you can visit

Individual and Group Study Spaces in the Library

  • Each campus library has individual study spaces, carrels, and chairs.

  • Each campus library also has group study rooms.

The Rules: Guidelines for Using Library Resources & Services