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Germanna Libraries

SDV Library Orientation: Get to Know Your Campus Library

This is the library orientation tutorial for SDV 100/101.

Library Introduction

Open Seating: Be Our Guest!

  • To use a library computer, just have a seat at an open computer.
  • There is no sign-in process to use a library computer.
  • In addition to the open computers throughout the library, there are group study rooms available for you to reserve.

Reserving & Using Group Study Rooms


FAC (Fredericksburg Area Campus) Guidelines

  1. Group study rooms are available to be scheduled for 2 hours at a time. If the room is available after that time, patrons may schedule the room for an additional 2 hour block of time.
  2. Groups of two or more persons have priority use of study rooms.
  3. Groups may schedule a room up to two weeks in advance.
  4. All persons using the room must follow the College’s policies for conduct outlined within the Catalog and Student Handbook.
  5. Personal property may not be left unattended to reserve a group study room. Personal property left unattended in an unoccupied group study room is considered to be lost. “Lost and Found” items can be claimed by patrons at the Campus Police and Security Office.
  6. No posted signs other than those approved by the library shall be permitted in the group study rooms. In addition, any obstruction of the windows is prohibited.
  7. Eating and drinking is prohibited in group study rooms.
  8. Patrons may not use group study rooms to sleep.
  9. Privacy is not guaranteed when using the group study rooms. College staff reserves the right to enter any study space at any time without prior permission of the occupants.
  10. Patrons are encouraged to limit the amount of noise from conversations and equipment so as not to unduly disturb other patrons in the area. Audio-visual equipment may be used in Group study rooms as long as the sound does not disturb others outside the room. The use of earphones is encouraged.
  11. Children must be properly supervised and may not be left unattended.

Thanks for adhering to the rules for group study room use!  Disciplinary sanctions may be applied to GCC students who break these rules. Please direct questions or concerns regarding study room use to the library staff on duty.

Library Help Desk: Ask Us!

At each campus library, the Library Help Desk is where you'll find library staff who provide basic computer and research assistance.  Library staff at the Library Help Desk can also refer you to a librarian for in-depth research help.

Visit the Library Help Desk when you have questions about:

  •     Getting a library card
  •     Borrowing library materials
  •     Printing, copying, or scanning
  •     Using your flash drive
  •     Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
  •     Blackboard
  •     Finding articles in library databases
  •     Determining whether or not a source is "credible"
  •     Citing information according to MLA or APA style
  •     Reserving a group study room
  •     Requesting items from other library systems

Learn about additional options for research help.

Library Cards & Borrowing Books/CDs/DVDs

Male student standing behind bookshelf and peering through an open space with books on either side.

With a library card, you can borrow books and other items from the Germanna Libraries!  The Germanna Libraries extend borrowing privileges to all GCC students, faculty, staff and community members who are 18 years of age or older and are permanent residents of Germanna's service region.  For additional information about library cards and borrowing privileges, see below.

Library Cards

Visit the Library Help desk at any GCC campus library to get a library card!

For students, faculty, and staff: your GCC ID card is required to activate your library account.  The first time you borrow items, you will need to fill out a short library card application. 

For community members: you will receive a Germanna-issued library card after completing your library card application.  Your permanent address must fall within Germanna's service region to receive a community member library card.

Borrowing Materials

A GCC ID card or a community member library card must be presented in order to check out materials.  Materials will not be checked out to patrons who present another person's GCC ID or community member library card, including spouse's and other family members.

Items in all circulating collections are eligible for check out. Reference materials, periodicals, special collections, and other items not in the circulating collections do not circulate.

Loan (Borrowing) Periods

    Students: 4 week loan period, plus one 4 week renewal period
    Faculty/Staff: Duration of current semester
    Community Members: 3 weeks

Renewing Items

    Students: One 4 week renewal
    Faculty/Staff: Renewal permitted when items are not in demand
    Community Members: One 3 week renewal

Maximum Number of Items

    Students: 20 items
    Faculty/Staff: 25 items
    Community Members: 6 items

Audio-Visual Materials

    Students: 1 week loan
    Faculty/Staff: 2 week loan
    Community Members: In-library use only

Equipment: Laptops, iPads

   Students: 1 week loan, plus 1 week renewal period = 14 days
   Upon return, 28 days must elapse before next equipment loan.

Returning Materials

Materials may be returned to any GCC library help desk or book drop box.

Recalled Items

Faculty and staff members may recall items currently checked out for the entire semester if the item is needed by a student for research or a related course assignment. The patron from whom the item is recalled will be permitted to keep the item for 3 weeks or for the remainder of the loan period, whichever is shorter.

Overdue Materials

Three overdue notices will be sent at 10 day intervals. If materials are not returned after 3 overdue notices, a bill for the replacement costs of the items will be sent to the patron, and a hold will be placed on the patron's account.

Lost or damaged materials should be reported promptly. Overdue items and/or unpaid fees will result in the loss of library privileges. Unpaid fees will be submitted to the state for collection.


If you have questions about circulation or other library policies, please give us a call, send us an e-mail, or stop by one of our library locations.

Library Hours & Locations

Ask a Librarian! (24/7)

Printing from Library Computers

  • All Germanna students who are enrolled in classes receive $2.00 of print credit each semester (approximately 25 black and white pages).
  • Print jobs can be retreived from the ePRINTit Print Stations on campus.  There is a print station on each floor of the FAC Library, as well as near the entrance to the LGC Library.
  • In order to print from library computers, first create a (free) ePRINTit account.  There is a shortcut to the ePRINTit website on each library computer, or you can visit

  • Lean more about using Germanna's print stations at