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Faculty Resources: Additional Resources

Site providing training and tutorials for services provided by Innovative Instruction and Technology.

Get Online Fast (GOLF) Kit

The Get Online Fast (GOLF) Kit is designed to help get your course online quickly. This kit will help get your face-to-face course moved online for circumstances that may occur during a semester. Within the GOLF Kit, you will find questions that will assist you in preparing for online teaching, standard procedures, and information about how different technologies can help you continue your instruction.

IOTA Course Evaluation

Remote Proctor Form

The remote Proctor Request Form is used when students cannot visit one of our Testing Centers or do not want to pay for an online proctoring service.  These students receive permission from their instructor to be proctored at remote institutions such as a library, an in-state or out-of-state college or university or another VCCS college.   The easiest way to locate the form is to type ‘Proctor Request Form’ in the Germanna Central search bar.  The form is located in Germanna Central under Department/Academic Affairs and Student Services/Arts & Sciences/Form Library.

Security of Online Coursework

Faculty members teaching online classes will promote the security of students’ personal data and course grades by utilizing a course management system grade book that prohibits students from accessing other students’ grades or posting class grade reports that identify students by confidential code only. Many security features, such as those listed below, are provided within the course management system. Instructors are encouraged to utilize as many of these as necessary to ensure the safety, security and integrity of student coursework:

  • Embedded automatic “save” mechanisms which record student answers immediately upon entry for homework exercises and assignments to prevent accidental loss of data.
  • Frequent back-up of the online course and/or separate back-up of student assignment submissions.
  • Instructor-provided passwords for quizzes, tests, and other graded assignments.
  • Time limits for quiz/test attempts.
  • Automatic shuffling of questions and shuffling of multiple-choice responses between student quiz/test attempts.
  • Browser security settings prohibiting access to other online sites and/or prohibiting printing during quizzes and tests.
  • Limiting student access to quiz/test grades or to review of graded quizzes/tests until all submissions have been graded.
  • Quiz/test item presentation options (one question per page, no returning to previous questions, etc.).
  • Limiting number of attempts per quiz/test.
  • Monitoring of student activity logs which record dates, times, and durations of access to graded assignments