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Faculty Resources: G Suite For Education

Site providing training and tutorials for services provided by Innovative Instruction and Technology.

G Suite For Education

Google Apps for Education: how to access the apps with VCCS- Instructional handout from GCC

Google App Training Center- Google's interactive training

Atomic Learning: Google Apps for Education Training (You have to log into Blackboard to view this link)

The Apps Show- a YouTube channel with over 74 videos on tricks and tips for Google Apps

Google Bookmarks

Google Bookmarks

  • Access your bookmarks from anywhere as long as you have access to your Google account
  • Your Bookmarks are synced across mobile devices and computers
  • Search bookmarks by unique labels and notes
  • Install the toolbar extension for web browsers on desktops and laptops for bookmarking ease

Google Help Center: How to use Bookmarks on computer and mobile devices


Google Communication Tools

Geogreeting- Send a personal geo greeting

Google Docs Story Builder- Create animated stories with text, Google Docs, and music.

Let me Google That for You (LMGTFY)- animated Google search results

Androidify- Create and share your own Android avatar

Geoguessr- Geo game for exploring the world.

Smarty Pins- The smarty pins game for exploring the world

Google Drive

Chrome Extensions

Extensions work with your Chrome web browser. You can add extensions or new features to customize chrome with options you like and keep your browser free of things you don't like. Here are a few of my favorites...

Google Chrome and Extensions: Sign in to Chrome Browsers and Extensions

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts Tutorial - Google Apps Learning Center interactive tutorial

Google Hangouts Cheat Sheet- Quick reference guide

Google Keep

Google Keep

Save your thoughts, wherever you are

  • Add notes, lists, photos, and audio
  • Set reminders
  • Share collaboratively
  • Sync across your phone, tablet, and computer


Gmail Tips and Tricks from Google Help

Outlook/Office 365 and Gmail: How to forward your student email account to your faculty /staff email account- GCC how-to Guide

Getting VCCS Student email on your smart device:

Access Student Email on Mobile Device: How to Access email on Gmail App (Apple and Android)

Getting Germanna Staff Email on your smart device- you will have to log into Germanna Central to access the following documents:

Germanna Mobile Device Sync Procedure and Request From

How to Sync Germanna Staff Email (OWA) to Mobile Device

Google Photos and Street View

Google Street View- Explore world landmarks, discover natural wonders, and step inside locations such as museums, arenas, restaurants and small businesses with 360-degree images on Google Maps with Street View.

Photo Sphere of Innovative Instruction and Technology's Training Lab


Google Search

Google to Search on Google- Google Help Center

Google Sildes


Interactive Tutorials Offered Through the Google Apps Learning Center

Slides Tutorial​

Cheat Sheets- Quick Reference for the Basics

Slides Cheat Sheet

Google Sites

Interactive Tutorials Offered Through the Google Apps Learning Center

Google Sites

Cheat Sheets- Quick Reference for the Basics

Google Sites


Example of the NEW Google Sites