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Faculty Resources: Canvas Workshop Descriptions

Site providing training and tutorials for services provided by Innovative Instruction and Technology.

Canvas Basics

Learn the basics of creating and developing a course in Canvas. Participants will get an overview of Canvas' layout and navigation. In addition, participants will learn how to add materials to a course, use Discussions, create and grade Assignments, and create Announcements.

This workshop will serve as an introduction to, and a general overview of, the Canvas system. We will learn:

  • Logging into Canvas as faculty and which browsers are preferred
  • The basic navigational links/course menu items in a blank course shell 
  • How to make a course published to students
  • How to create a Discussion
  • How to create an Assignment

Canvas Assignment Turnitin

In this hands-on session, participants will learn about the Assignments in Canvas. Assignments in Canvas are an effective way to collect assignments electronically rather than in paper form.  In this workshop, participants will learn about the Assignments in Canvas, including creating an assignment, grading submissions, and using Turnitin, the VCCS's plagiarism detection tool.

This course will look at how to set up Assignments within a course. We will learn:

  • How to create Assignments
  • How to manage Assignments
  • How to grade Assignments
  • How to use the Turnitin tool
  • How to set additional submissions
  • How to use dues dates, available dates and until dates

Canvas Discussions

Recent research in the field of online learning suggests that discussion responses that add value to a discussion fall into one or more of three categories: Social Presence, Cognitive Presence, or Teaching Presence.


In this workshop, we will look at how to set up and/or use the Discussions within a Canvas course. We will Learn:

  • How to create content in the Discussion Board
  • How to manage the Discussion Board
  • How to grade in the Discussion Board
  • How to add media within the Discussion Board
  • How to make content in the Discussion Board available and unavailable by setting dates
  • How to make content in the Discussion Board only available to view after an initial post is created 

Canvas Grade Book

Organized like a spreadsheet, the Grade Book summarizes all the assessments you create in your course. Certain assessments - for example, Quizzes, Discussions, and Assignments - are automatically added to your Grade Book after you have published them. In addition, assessments that you grade by hand and/or do not distribute directly through Canvas will need to be added as an Assignment. 

This course will look at how to set up and use the Grade Book. We will learn:

  • How to set up and organize the Grade Book
  • How columns are added to the Grade Book (for both internally and externally graded items)
  • How to view reports in the Grade Book
  • How to enter grades into the Grade Book
  • How to download and upload the Grade Book
  • How to hide/unhide Columns
  • How to edit Column information
  • How to group multiple Columns into Groups 
  • How to configure weighted totals to Groups

Canvas Quizzes

In this workshop, participants will have an opportunity to explore the various assessment tools from creating assignments, deploying tests and quizzes, and building rubrics. Attend this workshop to find out what are the most efficient and effective uses of the Canvas assessment tools.

This course will look at how to create pools, surveys and/or tests. Create a Rubric and review how to add an assignment.

 We will learn:

  • How to create pools, surveys and/or tests with meaningful feedback
  • How to upload pools, surveys, and/or tests into Canvas
  • How to edit test options (Number of attempts, timer, forced completion, display dates, due dates, and results)
  • How to randomize questions for tests and surveys
  • How to create a rubric (changing criteria and levels of achievement to match desired outcomes) and make it available

Canvas and Zoom

Zoom is an online collaboration tool that integrates seamlessly with Canvas, allowing faculty to conduct live class sessions with students online. During this workshop, participants will receive an overview of the features of Zoom and step-by-step assistance with creating and managing Zoom sessions within Canvas.

This course will be a training session on synchronous and asynchronous uses of Zoom within Canvas. We will learn:

  • Best practices for conducting a Zoom session
  • How to set up a Zoom session
  • How to upload and manage content in Zoom
  • How to record a Zoom session
  • How to conduct a web tour or desktop application sharing session in Zoom
  • How to locate and use session recordings

Course Copy in Canvas

Many faculty find that they teach the same course from semester to semester. Canvas allows for entire courses to be copied into new semesters with little effort.  This workshop will explain the options available for copying an old course into a new one. The workshop will include:

  • How to Course Copy directly within Canvas
  • How to delete unwanted content prior to Course Copy
  • Using the Date Management Tool